BRIDGE: The One Percent Solution

I played in the Sunday Swiss at the Lansing Regional today with Kevin (what’s the deal with seven seven-board matches for the final Swiss?).  Things were going swimmingly at 4-0 with 64 VP’s (20 point scale), when…

♠ KQxx
♥ A9xxx ♥ Q10xxx
♦ Axx ♦ xxx
♣ KQ10xx ♣ J
1♥ 3♣ *
3♦ 3♥
3♠ 6♥

* – 4+ card constructive raise

Looking at these two hands, you would figure that I am posting this as a disaster that Kevin and I had in the bidding.  Unfortunately, no…

  ♠ xxx  
  ♥ K  
  ♦ KQxxxx  
  ♣ xxx  
  ♠ KQxx
♥ A9xxx   ♥ Q10xxx
♦ Axx   ♦ xxx
♣ KQ10xx   ♣ J
  ♥ Jx  
  ♦ J  
  ♣ A98x  

On the lead of the ♦K, declarer won, dropped the ♥K, drew the other trump and lead the ♣J.  I was helpless.  I won the ace, but had no way over to Kevin.  So, declarer pitched two diamonds and a spade on the clubs and made 6.  The slam needed hearts 2-1 with a singleton king, diamonds 6-1 AND the club ace to be with the short diamonds.  All in all about a 1.5% slam.  Some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.


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