MLS Fantasy Soccer – Week 2

Week One Recap

Week 1 was a good week for this fantasy soccer beginner. After we got home after the Galaxy game Saturday night, I pulled up my fantasy team and saw 82 points. However since I had never played this before, I had no idea whether that was a good or bad score. But then as I pulled up Twitter, I saw this tweet:

That left me fairly confident that my 82 was pretty good. Reviews at the beginning of the week did drop my score down to 80. Here are my placings after week one:

League StandingsFor some context, there are just over 25,000 entries in the whole of MLS Fantasy.

Week Two

In most weeks, each team gets to make two transfers for free. Additional transfers will cost four points. From my week one team, both Landon Donovan and Federico Higuain are off this week. Donovan will come back in week three with an away game at RSL, followed by another off week. As much as I am a fan of Landon’s, that’s too much to keep. So transfer one was Landon out, replaced by Vancouver’s Pedro Morales, who had a great game against the Red Bulls last week.

As for Higuain, I’m going to gamble this week. He scored twice last week for Columbus and has a home game against Philadelphia in week three. So I’m going to save the second transfer, which will give me an extra transfer in week three, and leave Higuain on the bench, replaced by McNamara of Chivas USA.

After this week, I’ll be able to transfer out my Houston Dynamo players (except for Tally Hall), who will be on bye and still have another transfer to bring in another big player.

The value of my team has gone up by $400K due to McNamara gaining $200K, Remick gaining $200K and Horst gaining $100K. The value of having another free transfer next week is that if either of McNamara or Remick have a bad game, I can transfer him out before the price drops and bank half of their value gain.

With that, here is the lineup for Long Beach Galaxy:

Week 2 Lineup


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