My New Blog

Welcome to my blog.  I’ve always considered myself to be a frustrated writer – born with a analytical mind, but a creative temperament.  Starting a blog has always been one of those things that I keep promising to myself that I would start that ever elusive “someday”.  So, now I finally begin.

I have no idea what will end up being on here.  That’s actually part of the fun in getting started.  There’s likely to be a lot about bridge, reviews of books I have read, some political/social/pop culture commentary and then any miscellany that happens to be floating around in my head.

In order to keep this fresh and to hold myself to a commitment, I am promising that for the rest of 2010, I will put up at least one new post each week (Monday-Sunday).  If I put up more than one post a week, that will not get me “ahead”. Please feel free to call me on this commitment if I slip and fall behind.

Of course, there’s also the geek factor.  Part of the interest in having a blog is the process of building the blog.  Starting out, I am using and their free blogging platform.  It does appear to be a very useful platform.  But “someday”, I will change over to a hosted site using the WordPress software that I can build on and customize even more.  No idea when that “someday” will be.

I’m working on the “About Me” page that will serve as a longer introduction to who I am, what I do and why I feel the need to express myself on this blog.  I suspect that a lot of the items on that page will serve as inspiration for future posts.

I really hope that you, dear reader, will find my postings interesting and will choose to participate on here by registering and joining in the discussion.

So, without further ado, here we go…


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